If you were waking up this morning and trying to bump some vintage Ye on YouTube or Apple Music, you were likely out of luck. Although fans could still stream Late Registration to their full desire, College Dropout was mysteriously missing from Apple Music and YouTube. While many have tried to figure out what exactly went wrong, it was reported that Def Jam may have pulled the classic from services. However, in a new update provided by Stereogum, the label's representatives are denying any involvement in the removal of the album from streaming.

In a tweet shared by a frustrated fan, Apple's support team seemed to confirm that Def Jam had requested for the content to be pulled. Creating much confusion among Kanye West fans, Def Jam cleared up the issues by planting words of encouragement onto their supporters. A representative for the label said, "There must be some sort supply chain glitch. They’re working to get the album back up on the service."

If you were a victim of the College Dropout famine on July 16, 2018, we sincerely apologize for your lack of classic tunes. If you've already moved to Spotify and are playing "Jesus Walks" and "All Falls Down" at this very moment, we commend you. This entire situation brings to light the fact that in this era of streaming music, we can easily fall victim to labels and third parties owning the music we listen to on a daily basis, making it difficult to play the tracks we love.