Kanye West's failed presidential campaign is a time in history many fans of hip hop can remember vividly. The short and sweet campaign was controversial from start to end and became the subject of numerous headlines. The aftermath of his messy run for office perhaps created an even bigger mess than the campaign itself. 

He allegedly spent $12 million of his own money for the campaign and a Federal Election Commission report last month reportedly read that the campaign violated fundraising practices. Now, a government ethics office is apparently refusing to approve a financial disclosures form submitted by the hip-hop mogul for the campaign. 

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According to a report obtained by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics (CREW) group in Washington on Monday (April 19), the report on Ye's presidential campaign was reviewed for compliance with the Ethics in Government Act by the Office of Government Ethics. It was also reviewed for compliance with the Apparent Compliance with the Federal Election Campaign Act by the FEC.

The document notes on it “OGE Declines to Certify." While there is no verified reason for why it was declined certification, speculation from CREW points to it "likely revolving around" Kanye refusing to disclose any of Kim Kardashian's assets or income figures. 

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"It's not just that he did not report it, but that he used an exemption, and a fairly rare one, to reporting. It said among things, that he had no knowledge of what her assets were or where her income came from. And that seems a little tough to believe," said Jordan Libowitz, the CREW communications director to Insider.  

"It'd be different if he left it blank, but claiming an exemption that he didn't qualify for is questionable," Libowitz said. Kim Kardashian's net worth is estimated to be around $1 billion, while Ye's is around $1.8 billion. He also notes that while the discrepancies are a fairly significant issue, he likely won't actually be prosecuted for any of it. 

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