Kanye West is keeping it on wax during his Sunday Service tenure. The Chicago-based superstar has been organizing a weekly get-together, exclusive for his friends, family and anybody lucky enough to get an invite, singing gospel renditions of popular songs and praising the lord on Sundays. Working directly with Tony Williams and a handful of other close relatives, the installation has been a massive success, allowing Ye to tap into his spiritual side and directly flip the narrative from what the media was saying about him last year. After a high-profile show to tribute the victims in the Dayton mass shooting, a video broke out and the fan who captured it didn't even realize what they had filmed. In the clip, Kanye appears to stick his finger into his ear, scoop out some wax, and eat it.

Social media is starting to blow up because of this video. Several publications have picked it up, which seemingly shows the recording artist eating his own earwax in an absurd display. West has not commented on the video and, knowing his behavioural patterns, he likely won't.

Take a look at the clip above and let us know if you think the fans are misinterpreting this. However, what else could he possibly have been doing?

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images