Kanye West has filled his soul with light. With Sunday Service becoming the most soulful gathering spot since actual church, Yeezy has doubled down on his holy-man steeze, seemingly centering his entire next album Jesus Is King around the Lord Almighty. Though it's unclear whether Ye's upcoming body of work will fully commit to the gospel sound, it's clear he has been at peace with himself of late, a quality that will likely bleed into his music. While we wait for September 27th to roll around, Ye has been keeping busy with Sunday Service, which recently went down in Watts California.

 Rich Fury/Getty Images

As it happens, Ye's latest Service was of note for a few reasons. For one, none other than Brad Pitt pulled up to bask in the festivities. Second, Ye and his choir moved to acknowledge a former sore spot, which is to say Drizzy's "Sicko Mode" verse. In a clip shared by HHNM, the choir can be heard delivering a new interpretation of the Travis Scott megahit, this time with Jesus affixed at the wheel. And rather than "Cheques Over Stripes," this variation finds lyrics like "Jesus Christ is the light (he's lit!)"

Lest we forget, Ye used to sing a different tune vis-a-vis "Sicko Mode," expressing vocal displeasure at Travis and Drake's conduct. "How you gone be on Trav’s song coming at me. Trav should have never allowed that," he wrote, in December 2018. "Fuck that sickomode song Family first and always." Good thing that Ultralight beam hit in the nick of time.