Has Kanye West parted ways with his Sunday Service choir members? A new report suggests that nearly half of the 80-person traveling choir has been fired unexpectedly. According to AllHipHop, 30 people from the choir have been let go but their sources claim Kanye wasn't aware—a revelation that the writer of the report made clear that they didn't believe to be true. In a follow-up report, AllHipHop shared that many of the choir members quit their day jobs in order to fully commit to Kanye's vision, so they have been left wondering about their futures.

Also, the outlet stated that members weren't making as much money as people may have thought. "As far as pay, they were not paid particularly well, I was told, unless $500 for three days of work is good to you," AllHipHop wrote. "I think they were motivated by more than that, my opinion."

"They did not see it coming," the outlet's source reportedly told the writer personally. "This is a mix of people, many that are not young, and they still want to make it." The source also said that the non-union singers were like "prey" because it may have been easy to take advantage of them. Meanwhile, Sunday Service recently made appearances in Miami for the Super Bowl and in Chicago for NBA All-Star Weekend.