Well Kanye West was back at it with the Twitter fingers Tuesday night, and this time he was aiming his frustrations towards music producer Bob Ezrin. (yeah, we had to google him too)

In a series of angry tweets, Kanye voiced his opinion on the Canadian producer & keyboardist following his harsh critique of the Chicago legend in a recent post in Bob Lefsetz newsletter. Apparently, Bob stated that Kanye has made some great material, but isn’t on the creative level of some other prominent artists like Kendrick Lamar, Macklemore, Tupac, or Jay Z.

Bob also went on to critique Kanye’s production skills as well, calling him out for not being up to par to that of Timbaland or Rick Rubin. Of course, Kanye caught wind of all these comments and had enough of being belittled & marginalized so he fired back on twitter.

Offering Bob’s kids free Yeezy’s for feeling sorry for them, Kanye went hard at Mr. Ezrin, calling him “that is everything wrong with the old guard,” and asking his followers if “anyone has ever heard of Bob Ezrin?” which most us haven’t.

Rather than telling you more about what he said, just read Ye’s rant yourself below.