TIME magazine just unveiled their list of The 25 Most Influential People on the Internet, and among them several individuals at the crosshairs of hip hop made the cut. TIME is said to have made their picks based on their Global impact, more so than on a domestic level, which allowed for the inclusion of K-Pop bands as well as social media in other languages other than English.

Heading the list is Kanye West, a man who takes unplanned hiatuses from the Internet to recover his energy, but when's he on the ramifications are almost seismic. Kanye is renown for once referring to his Tweets as a form of "contemporary art." All it takes is belief in self.

The most heartwarming inclusion on the list is the selection of Daniel Baker and Joel Martinez aka Desus & Mero, the future of late night television. Not only is their brand reaching astronomic heights, but they've tapped into their ability to turn a mere social media posting into a full course discussion. Desus & Mero are very much at the vanguard of what's popping in pop culture.

Other notable selections are Rihanna, Shaun King, The Women of #BabaeAko, Busy Philipps, Q, Ninja, and Kylie Jenner. You can tread through the top 25 in no order of importance. Read here.