He's determined to spread awareness about "shady contracts" and because he has dubbed himself "the new Moses,"Kanye West is publicly declaring war on Universal Music Group and it's parent company, Vivendi. The Yeezy mogul has been ferociously tweeting over the last two days about wanting to make sure that artists have more control over their careers. Kanye has stated that he refuses to release any more music until he is released from his contract, and just hours ago, he continued his tirade against the industry. "Come and get me," he wrote in separate tweets.

Kanye West, Universal Music Group, Vivendi, Twitter, Rant
Robin Marchant / Stringer / Getty Images

"When I spoke to Katie Jacobs who is on the board of Vivendi we decided to create a 'Y combinator' for the music industry so artist have the power and transparency to to be in control of our future ... no more shady contracts ... no more life long deals," Kanye West tweeted. Vivendi is the French conglomerate who owns a variety of media-based companies including Universal Music Group.

"Contracts in all industries need to be simplified now," Ye continued. "Complicated contracts are how businesses, music companies and sports take advantage of talent We will expose these contracts and make them transparent now support new talent, startups and amend all old contracts." He also wrote that he reached out to Lucian Grainge, the CEO of UMG as well as Arnaud de Puyfontaine, the CEO of Vivendi.

"I said I don’t speak with non billionaire employees... I need Arnaud De Puyfontaine to fly to meet me immediately," Kanye West added. "Ya’ll not gonna play with me or none of my people ever again ... in Jesus name ... I want all the smoke pleeeeeeeease." Check out the tweets below.