If you don't keep up with the Kardashians on Instagram (then what are you doing with your life???), you may not have seen that each Kardashian sister is sharing themed family photos as part of a "25 days of Christmas" photo spread, leading up to the festive day. The Kardashian family has made their annual holiday card a highly-publicized thing (for lack of a better word) over the years, and this year they took a different approach with all the family members posing together in different formations, a theme of light blue denim and white tees among them, as well as some Christmas items (mainly the hint of a Christmas tree).

It's unclear if the finale of all these images will be their actual Christmas card, but whatever the case, we were treated with what is probably the cutest and most heart-warming photo yet, when Kimmy shared this photo of her husband Kanye and their daughter North. Mid-swing, North West is obviously excited and pleased with her dad, while Kanye mirrors her emotions with a big smile of his own. 

A Genuine Kanye Smile is always a good thing.