It's a wrap on the city life for Kanye West, Kim Kardashian West, and their brood of children. The West's moved west as the family of six has found itself a new home on a quaint, modest, humble 4,500 square foot, $14 million ranch property. The mountainous views are a far cry from the Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago—and all other international luxury homes—settings they're used to, but Kim has been slowly sharing their acclimation to their new surroundings.

The reality star shared video clips of her kids in their new cowboy-ish gear and the children enjoying a bit of horseback riding. However, it was a video Kim posted of her and Kanye chasing some antelopes that may have gotten the celebrity couple in a bit of trouble. In the video, Kanye is behind the wheel of an ATV and is following animals as they run and leap away from him. Kim can be heard faintly as she questions whether or not he's scaring them, and he just may have been.

TMZ shares that they've spoken directly with the Wyoming Game & Fish Department who stated that there are specific laws that protect wild animals from being purposefully frightened by humans. They consider it to be "animal harassment," adding that they've been made aware of the video and have already planned on visiting the West's ranch to speak with them about rules of living among wildlife. At most, they could have faced a $435 fine for the whole ordeal but this time around they'll reportedly receive a stern warning.