Never a dull night at the Waffle House. Juvenile and his posse were in South Carolina for the Legends of Southern Hip Hip tour, and after the show, they were looking for some late-night breakfast. When they entered the local Waffle House, another patron reportedly directed an insulting comment at the women in Juve's crew, which included his girlfriend. Though his boys tried to hold him back, the NOLA vet ended up breaking free and taking a couple of swings at the unruly customer. The whole incident was caught on camera, and the footage has since been obtained by TMZ. 

A witness at the scene told TMZ that the comment that incited Juvenile was something along the lines of: "Juvenile here, here come all the hoes." Juve took offense on behalf of his girlfriend, and one can see him (in a red-striped polo) immediately get up to approach the instigator (in a turquoise T-shirt). Two of Juve's crew members initially held him off, and the rapper disappeared off camera for about 20 seconds. During that time, it looks like the feud only proliferated, as the man in question can be seen yelling in Juve's direction. 

Just after the 40 second mark, Juvenile storms back into the scene and attacks the Waffle House agitator, almost throwing him over the kitchen counter. He soon connects on a healthy swing, and the man falls onto the floor. After he gets up, Juvenile is again held back, and it's assumed that the fight ended there. 

Both parties were asked to leave, and the cops reportedly didn't show up until an hour later. No charges were made, as both of the suspects had fled and none of the remaining customers offered any complaints. Looks like another good show at the Waffle House.