With his new LP hitting shelves, Juicy J announced that he would be holding a twerking competition and would give a $50,000 scholarship to the winner.  While on the Breakfast Club to promote Stay Trippy, Juicy was asked about the contest and he believes it’s good for the community.

A connoisseur of dancers and strip clubs, plus the manufacturing of many strip club anthems, the Memphis rapper is certainly qualified to hold such a contest.  Asked about the backlash from some about the Twerk for Tuition contest, Juicy defended it, “Heat? I’m giving back to the community, I’m giving a $50,000 scholarship.  How is that heat?”  He was also asked if it was exclusive to women, or if men could enter as well, but this is a female-exclusive contest, “Hell nah, ladies only, LADIES ONLY!”

Having worked with Miley Cyrus, and even been part of her initial twerking phase, the crew inquired about Juicy’s claim that Miley is the best twerker, and he stands by his words, “You saw that, she was twerking that ass all over the place.”

Plenty of people have been attacking Cyrus’ twerking-outburst at the VMAs, but the Three 6 Mafia rapper comes to her defense, “She’s having fun, she’s worth $200 million, she’s got a few private jets.  Why not have fun.”