Last week's Juicy J mixtape, Blue Dream & Lean 2, was a treat for fans awaiting his upcoming album THC: The Hustle Continues. J begins the mixtape track "Don't Trust" saying THC will drop "sometime in July." Though Juice didn't release an album last year, he's been busy in other areas of the industry. In late 2011, Juicy J became a part-owner and A&R representative for Wiz Khalifa's Taylor Gang Records. He also continues to add hit records to his extensive production discography, and last month, we learned he will be the co-executive producer on A$AP Rocky's next album. 

Today, J announced on Twitter that his rapping days might be coming to an end. He begins by acknowledging how much he's already accomplished in his career: "I done won an academy award & done so many great things in my career". Though his rap career has lasted over 20 years, J's future interests appear to be more business-related: "I been having thoughts about retiring from rap & becoming a major CEO at a major label to help others in the music business". 

His last tweet on the matter signaled that THC: The Hustle Continues might be his last album: "I don't know for sure yet but THC may be my last album I'm gonna drop life goes on & music money fame etc. is a job but it's not real life". All good things must come to an end.

Read the full series of tweets below.