Fans are excited for Juicy J's debut on Taylor Gang, Stay Trippy, which is supposed to be coming sometime in June or July. The rapper is quite well-rounded: not only does he drop some ignorant and party-worthy bars, he also has some of the catchiest ad-libs in the game, plus he's able to handle things on the production side, with help from his co-producer, Crazy Mike. In a new interview with DJ Whoo Kid, Juicy J reveals that his production techniques will live on Lil Wayne's I Am Not A Human Being II.

When asked if he still dabbles in production, Juicy J responded to Whoo Kid, "Yeah, me and Crazy Mike. We still go in. On my album me and Crazy Mike produced a lot of tracks." 

He continued to reveal that apart from his own LP, he's been working on Weezy F's. "We actually produced three tracks on Lil Wayne's new album."

Not only does he have production credits, but a verse as well. "I'm on the album man, the album is gunna be jammin. I did a verse on one of the songs."

Recently, album snippets of Lil Wayne's album were made available to stream. Check that out here.

Check out the rest of the audio from Juicy J's interview below, where he discusses "One Of Those Nights," his friendship with The Weeknd, strip clubs, his new app and more.