Juice WRLD Releases Glittery New Video For "Fast"

Alex Zidel
April 09, 2019 15:15

Neon colors are everywhere in Juice WRLD's new video.

Juice WRLD's Death Race For Love was one of the most anticipated albums of this year so far with many of his fans wondering how he would effectively follow up his debut. The Chicago talent is one of the most skilled young vocalists in hip-hop with many touting him as the future but it feels like, with Death Race, he took a small step backwards. We dive deeper into his new album in our review, which you can read here. Today, Juice WRLD releases some new visuals to keep the train moving, coming through with a flashy video for "Fast."

The lyrics in "Fast" see the artist taking more of an introspective look at his life than in the past. The Chicagoan does not focus on heartbreak and drugs here. Instead, he deals with himself and his experiences as the primary subject matter. The video conveys that message well while still masking itself as a traditional clip with cars, women and more. Juice sits in the driver's seat of a sports car, moving at quick speeds and zooming through the universe with neon lights surrounding him.

Juice WRLD ascended to the top of the music industry very quickly, experiencing his first huge success with "Lucid Dreams" less than one year after gaining global recognition. What do you think of his new video?

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