Juice WRLD is set to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 album chart with Legends Never Die, his first posthumous album. However, his team decided to make a major change to one of the songs, switching the second verse on "Man Of The Year" and slightly tweaking the instrumentation.

The alteration was reported by XXL, who pointed out that the song's second verse contains a batch of all-new lyrics.

"They say life's a puzzle, I'ma piece it together/But from the way I'm movin', I'll probably be piecing forever," raps Juice WRLD in the new version. He goes on to propose a threesome with a "bad bitch" that his girlfriend spotted in the hotel lobby.

Originally, the verse went as such: "Buzzin' like I'm Lightyear, infinity and beyond/Big-headed, in my mind, I'm always thinking of songs/Big dick too, probably won't fit in your mom/I met my shorty thick, that's the type of shit that I'm on."

There is some confusion among Juice's fanbase regarding the change. Lil Bibby even addressed it, interestingly saying that he would be switching it back to the original.

"I’m changing it back now, give me a min," he tweeted. 

Which version of the song do you prefer? The first one from last week or this new version?