Unfortunately, Rihanna is dealing with one of the major downsides of being a mega-successful and beautiful celebrity: stalkers. Last month, Eduardo Leon was charged with breaking into Rihanna's Los Angeles home spending an entire night hanging out and waiting for her arrival. According to TMZ he was planning on having sex with her, but not in a forceful way (wtf). Instead of his plans, the police tased her arrested him. 

The latest on Eduardo is that police have gotten the green light to gain access to his social media accounts to prove further that he was keeping track of Rihanna's whereabouts. Before he was recently arrested, cops caught him breaking into Rihanna's old house thinking she still lived there. Eduardo is still being held on bail until a judge decides if he's mentally stable enough to stand trial. 

In other more exciting and non-creepy news surrounding Rihanna, she's currently working on what we want most. “I actually am in the studio and working on new music," she previously stated. When pressed for more details she added: “You’ll just have to wait and see. I'll come back when I put it out.”