Joyner Lucas always comes off like an even-keel character, even when the situation calls for hostility. For that reason alone, his feud with Tory Lanez is playing out differently than most. Every turn of phrase that is ushered by Lucas is accented with polite language. Even the way they are doing battle is overly respectful by rap standards. There's no sign of mama jokes or hearsay, only pure unbridled penmanship, and the odd quip as you'll come to notice.

Joyner Lucas built his buzz around his battle-tested wittiness, so naturally, Tory Lanez wants that distinction for himself, even though he's already shouldering a pretty heavy workload. So what does Joyner Lucas do instead claiming victory unabashedly? When the rhetorical goes to sh*t, the only thing left to do is aim below the belt buckle.

Lucas somehow his hands on a photo of Tory Lanez' alleged hairline, which he then posted on Instagram along with a biting caption. His question to Tory was to ask for his surgeon phone number so he can repair a busted haircut. "This isn’t funny anymore," Lucas insists. "I’m sorry for all those mean hairline jokes. Smh please help." The comment section would eventually lend a hand to the cause, some suggesting prayer, others a far more "hands-on" approach to fixing his hairline.