Close to one month before both parties were set to go to court, Johnny Depp and the Management Company have settled their $25 million case after Johnny sued his former business managers, Joel and Robert Mandell. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor took action against the men at the top of 2017 alleging they misrepresented him for 17 years. 

Johhny claims they never filed his taxes on time, never kept proper notes on his finances, lent money to third parties and invested his money in business ventures without his authority. The other side of case sees The Management Company arguing Johnny's claims, saying they warned the actor of his crazy spending habits such as "$30,000 a month for wine,  $500,000 in rental fees for storage warehouses that held his Hollywood collectibles, $200,000 for a private jet."

There's been no word on what both parties chose to settle on to save the case from moving forward. “I’m just a small part of this,” Johnny previously told Rolling Stone  when asked about the case. “It’s the f—ing Matrix. I didn’t see the movie, and I didn’t understand the script, but here’s what it is.”