You don't even have to read a full article to know what's going on with the Royal wedding and drama that has come leading up to the big day. From the numerous headlines, it's easy to see that Meghan Markle's father staged paparazzi photos to get some cash, he's backed in and out of the wedding and now he's officially not going, and a few family members have done ridiculous things to get some attention from all of this. If there's anyone who can understand this kind of behavior it's, of course, any given celebrity that's famous right now. 

Kanye West once rapped about his cousin stealing his laptop and him having to pay him to get it back, Cardi B talks about fake "nikkas" all the time and more recently John Legend has shared his story of his own cousin who used his name to garner some money. 

A fan tweeted at John asking him if his family would "show their ass and embarrass" him if he was about to marry into the Royal family. "Be honest: if you were about to marry into royalty, would your family somehow manage to show their ass and embarrass you? Show of hands 🙋🏽‍♀️," the user tweeted. 

"I had a cousin try to raffle off tickets to have "Christmas Dinner with John Legend". So, yes," John replied. 

So there you have it, if Meghan needs anyone to confide in amid the craziness of her big day marrying Prince Harry, John is probably just one or two phone calls away.