Troy Ave has been going at Joey Bada$$ over the last few days, starting with the release of his track, "BAD ASS," which took his beef into what some have called tasteless territory by bringing up Capital STEEZ, a friend of Joey's who committed suicide in 2012.

He later defended his attack on the late rapper during his recent appearance on Sway In The Morning, where he described STEEZ as a "a bozo for jumping off a roof". 

Up until this point, Joey hadn't taken Troy's bait, but today he did decide to dedicate a tweet to the rapper -- writing "This brotha been buggin ..... Get him TF outta here.... No mercy for this man," pointing toward some old tweets from Troy where he's dissing Nas for no apparent reason.

He also tweeted out the more vague "Congratulations, YOU PLAYED YOURSELF," a few days back, which some have speculated was also aimed at Troy.

Check out the tweets below. Should Joey take this to wax or it best not to give Troy the satisfaction of a response?