Rappers are always trying to make the crossover into acting, some with more success than others. The latest emcee to head for Hollywood might surprise you though, because he really hasn’t been in the game long enough for it to become stale for him. Joey Bada$$ is that rapper.

Joey Bada$$ will join the cast of “Mr. Robot” for its second season. The show was a surprising break out hit, both critically and commercially. It even won a Golden Globe in its first season, making it an ideal place for the equally promising Joey Bada$$ to make his acting debut. The Pro Era emcee will reportedly play a friend of main character Elliot Alderson. Bada$$’ character will be a loquacious philosophizer, advising Elliot and speaking about life in general. Seems like the perfect fit for Joey, who recently delivered an advice-filled lecture at NYU.

The show films predominantly in New York City, so it won’t be hard for the rapper to make it on set. The show will start filming soon and is set to release June 24th.