Joe Budden gave Drake a dose of his own medicine with two "Back To Back" diss tracks last week, but so far, Joe's efforts don't seem to have stung Drizzy the way the OVO rapper's own tracks did Meek Mill last summer. Nevertheless, Budden has been badgering Drake on Twitter in an effort to encourage a response, tweeting directly at Drake today with taunts like "u alive or naw ?" and "U charged down ?".

After admitting that he's essentially cyber-bullying at this point, Budden called the 6 God an "insecure fuck" for staying silent. He then questioned why Drake had come for Tyga on "6PM In New York," but had yet to respond to these diss tracks. "He was SUPER aggressive w Tyga tho lol smh," he said, before challenging Drizzy once again, "Serenade me……… I ain’t Meek."

You can read Joe's many tweets below. Do you think he'll get his wish?