It seems like everybody wants to take shots at Joe Budden. While he's constantly said that he's retired and has no plans to step up to the mic again, there's been an increasing amount of people who are throwing shade at Joe. So much that DJ Akademiks recently said he needs to finish his Mumble Rap mixtape in order to defend his former co-host from the hate. We've heard Quavo change the definition of "hater" to "Joe Budden" and more recently, Drake allegedly threw a sub at him on "Diplomatic Immunity." Now, Vic Mensa also did a "Diplomatic Immunity" freestyle which was officially released today but many assumed that he was firing shots at Budden. Mensa has previously said that he has no hard feelings for Joe but he recently shared a text message to prove it.

Vic Mensa hit Twitter to share a text message exchange he had with Joe Budden. "So it's perceived a way but again, matters none... just know we straight on my end," Joe wrote to Mensa. So it's clear that he and Vic Mensa have no beef with each other and whatever Vic did say on the record was more for the sake of wordplay.

For those who aren't sure of what Mensa said, he sneakily used Joe's name on his latest effort while referencing alleged incidents of domestic abuse, his beef with Consequence and his appearance on Love & Hip Hop.

Fake like it’s all Love And Hip-Hop shows till they push the Joe button and you get punched in the face as a consequence
And jump right back on Live capping with confidence
Famous for putting your hands on women, you can’t be proud of it

Overall, things seem to be copacetic in the world of Joe Budden and Vic Mensa. On top of that, there was no way this would've been Joe's breaking point to get back in the booth.