We're not sure if you caught Joe Budden's previous podcasts, but the rapper made claims that if he was to enter the Verzuz Instagram Live Battle arena, he knew he would be able to beat Lloyd Banks and Fabolous. Then, after some thought, Budden decided to return with an apology. "I don't think I'm beating Banks if he's adding G-Unit stuff," Budden said. "I think I lose that."

Lloyd Banks
Frederick M. Brown / Stringer / Getty Images

The Joe Budden Podcast may be social distancing, but that doesn't keep the heated debates at bay. Budden's co-host Rory stated that when it comes to just mixtapes, Joe Budden still would lose (by five) if he was up against Lloyd Banks. Budden was insulted by the remarks, so while filming a recent episode, he called up Banks to see what the former G-Unit rapper thought about the conversation.

After giving a chuckle, Banks admitted that he saw a tweet about the topic. He added that he has a few mixtape eras, so it all depends on what records are included. Rory chimed in that Joe has two eras, as well, calling one of them "sad." They all shared a laugh over Rory saying Joe Budden could play his classic hit "Pump It Up" 20 times and still lose. Watch the discussion below and let us know if you think this would be an evenly-matched battle.