You know those pictograms where a series of paneled images are placed in sequential order - you know what I'm referring to. The influencers call them "Panoramas." I simply look at them in amazement as if they were a series of Rorschach tests. Well, Joe Biden tried his hand at a "Panoramas" this afternoon. While the gambit work to spell out the words B-IDE-N PR-ESIDE-NT, it came at the cost of inadvertently upsetting his former boss Barack Obama.

Where Joe Biden and his handlers went about it wrong was in covering Barack Obama's torso with a giant-sized letter N. Evidently, Biden could have used his better judgment to assign the former President-elect a more ambiguous letter from the "B-IDE-N PR-ESIDE-NT" sequence, but he didn't. Instead, the Presidential hopeful was left scratching for the second time this month, the very month he announced his candidature for the Presidency I might add.

Earlier in the month, Biden was subjected to an audit on his social behavior, as a series of women accused him of "inappropriate touching" at different points of time during his political career. Without sweeping the more grave accusations under the rug, many of Biden's constituents defended his actions by depicting him as a relic of time with a kind heart.

While it's quite evident he meant no ill-will towards Barack Obama with the misplaced N, Biden's computational incompetence could be his downfall heading into the Democratic race - for Biden is simply falling behind the time in the advent of a #MeToo stimulus package.