J.I.D. is a lyrical monster, and once the world realizes he's essentially the Kendrick Lamar of the South he will gain the respect he deserves. J.I.D. is currently prepping the release of his sophomore album, DiCaprio 2, and the talented wordsmith recently sat down with Billboard to discuss his journey.

"Your sophomore album, DiCaprio 2, comes out in September, is what I'm hearing," stated Chelsea Briggs. J.I.D. feigns shock at first. "Ooo okay, okay. Just cause you said it, Interscope, J. Cole, it's coming out in September," joked J.I.D. while he raised his middle fingers. "But no, you right," confirmed the rapper after joking. 

"This feels like a festival project," he continued, explaining the new album. "The last one was me, I guess, introducing myself. This one, I'm getting more comfortable, and just trying to become a better writer more than anything." Briggs then asked J.I.D. about his upcoming tour alongside Mac Miller. "I'm a troublesome guy too," admitted J.I.D about his touring antics. "I love fuckin shit up, and just being devious... I'm really energetic I knew Mac for a couple years, actually I met him a long time ago, I don't even know if he remember."

When asked who his musical heroes are, J.I.D. was quick to name the King of Pop. "How can I not say Michael Jackson? And D'Angelo...and Little Dragon," he revealed.