J.I.D already completed the tracklist for his upcoming project DiCaprio 2, so all that was left to do was find a cover worthy of its name. Thirty minutes ago he did just that, posting the presumed artwork in the Twitter post pictured below. 

The XXL Freshman was recently impacted by the sudden loss of Mac Miller to a drug overdose. He was expected to join Thundercat as Miller's opening slide for the ill-fated Swimming Tour, an experience that would have undoubtedly contributed to his massive surge up the "rookie ladder." J.I.D and Mac Miller were filmed in the studio working together long before the Swimming Tour announcement, so we know their relationship had begun to germinate.

But with that being said, J.I.D is going ahead with plans to release his DiCaprio 2 album, one slight reveal at a time. The East Atlanta rapper describe the project as a "clusterfuck of different stories" in his sit-down interview with Adam22 of No Jumper. By the looks of it (the cover), has done a good job of tying together the superficial theme reprised the second time around: the complete mind fuck that is Inception. The dreidel-like object on the cover design is a replica of the "spinning top" which never quite stops as the movie comes to an end.