After a four year break from his last album, Jeremih is making sure there is no lack of music these days with the release of two free projects in the span of three weeks, and the announcement of a release date for his long-awaited Late Nights: The Album (formerly titled Thumpy Johnson).

If you've been hiding under a rock, the r'n'b singer dropped his No More EP with Shlohmo on July 17th and followed it up two days ago with N.O.M.A. He also recently revealed his album title change, and announced that it's dropping on September 30th.

We caught up with Jeremih after a show last night in D.C., and spoke to him about the switch-up in his sound for a more experimental r'n'b following his original Late Nights mixtape, his features on Late Nights: The Album, and what else we can expect from it.

"You know what, while putting the records together, it was just reminiscent of how I was feeling when I was putting together Late Nights. So over the last year I was contemplating whether I was gunna tie it in with something else," Jeremih said of the direction on the new album. "If people like Late Nights the mixtape, then my goal is for you to really love Late Nights: The Album."

"So far we got J. Cole, he's definitely on one of the bangers on there," Jeremih continued, "Juicy [J], it's crazy that we got Flo Rida on the album, and my homie Ty [Dolla $ign]. I'm so much of a last-minute perfectionist, I'm not even done yet."

Watch our exclusive interview below. Who are you hoping pops up on Late Nights: The Album.