Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles are vacationing in Europe and seem to be receiving a whole different level of hospitality. When they left a restaurant in Italy, they were met with applause. Of course, the establishment wasn't expressing their happiness for the couple's exit, but rather an appreciation for their blessing the spot with their presence. This type of experience during such a mundane activity has got to be one of the most flagrant signs of having "made it". 

The Carters dined at a restaurant called Aurora in Capri on Monday evening. They literally got a standing ovation as they made their way out of the establishment. The owner was as excited as everyone else and embraced Jay-Z as Beyonce passed the crowd, unbothered and fabulous. The boss had seen them out personally and although she was met with a gesture that signaled a high five or a simple wave from Jay, she couldn't help but rush him for a hug. 

Jay-Z was caught smiling after the fact. This is understandable since they probably got the most gracious quality of service that night. Then again, the couple is used to getting the cream of all creams. Beyonce and Jay-Z set their sights on the finer things, even going as far as renting monumental spaces for their artistic content.