Bey and Jigga pulled no shorts when they secured Le Louvre in Paris as the locale for their "Apesh*t" Video Shoot. Turns out Beyonce isn't done stomping on cherished ground. The Iconic singer has submitted a request to film her next music video at the Colosseum in Rome, the very same landmark that played host to gladiators and steeplechase competitions in the heyday of the Roman Empire.

According to Il Messgaro in Italy, her 2nd submission for a "work permit" is currently under review by the commission that oversees the preservation of the famous edifice. If her waiver request is met with approval, it would be the second time Beyonce filmed a segment within those storied walls. Back in 2004, she linked up with Britney Spears and Pink for a Pepsi commercial set in the Colosseum, in which the trio dressed as gladiators and sang "We Will Rock You," as the emperor contemplated their execution.

In the end, the fiery trio were able to win the beleaguered crowd over to their side in a single act of rebellion. The emperor played by Enrique Inglesias looked on as the trio of women all enjoyed fresh cans of Pepsi, beverage of choice of the aristocracy.