It might be a tad like the boy who cried wolf, but Jay Electronica swears that his next album is dropping this year. Believe it or not, Jay hopped on social media on Thursday (February 6) and stated that his long-awaited project is on its way. "Album done," he tweeted, followed by a few more messages regarding his record.

Christopher Polk / Staff / Getty Images

"Recorded over 40 days and 40 nights, starting from Dec 26," he wrote. "Releasing in 40 days." Then, he suggested that the title of the record may be "A Written Testimony," but that has yet to be confirmed. After over a decade of promising a new album, it looks like the world will receive some new Jay Electronica tunes on March 18. Unsurprisingly, the masses aren't holding their breaths as they've taken to social media to share their disbelief that the project will actually arrive. Considering that back in 2012 Jay even shared a tracklist in anticipation of a release that never came, hip hop fans aren't placing bets on this one.

For the hopefuls, this will be the follow-up to Jay's 2007 mixtape Act I: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge)—his only full-length release as of yet. They say great things take time, so check out a few reactions to Jay Electronica's news and let us know if you believe he'll drop this one on time.