James Harden is clearly not interested in getting set for the next season of basketball with the Houston Rockets. That much has become insurmountably transparent after the superstar had missed initial practice sessions with the team, opting to party with Lil Baby over his birthday weekend instead.

The dramatic storyline regarding Harden and the Rockets has been given a new layer today. Previously, it was rumored that Harden has asked for a trade to the Brooklyn Nets. However, he's seemingly opening up his options now, possibly listening to Meek Mill's suggestions and adding some new teams to his shortlist.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

According to the ever-reliable Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, Harden recently indicated to the Rockets that he was open to a trade to the Philadelphia 76ers. Despite the Sixers having the assets to pull off this trade, Daryl Morey is reportedly set on keeping both Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. The Rockets would likely have asked for them in return, as Woj reports that their front office is looking for a strong young building block, as well as a package of first-round draft picks, in exchange for Harden.

Of course, JH13 is seemingly still interested in being moved to Brooklyn so he can play as part of a superteam with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. Those talks have seemingly stalled though.

We'll keep you posted on any news that develops regarding James Harden and his status with the Houston Rockets. As of now, he's still got two-years left on his current deal.