Last night was huge for boxing as we got an all-time classic fight between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder. After 11 rounds of intense action, Fury came away with the win as he knocked out Wilder in the 11th. It was a huge blow to the head that left Wilder unable to continue. Wilder shouldn't feel too bad though as he was able to knock down Fury twice, all while getting back into the good graces of fans following his horrific loss from 2020.

After the fight, fans gave their opinions on what went down, with many dubbing the fight an "instant classic." Overall, it was a great day for boxing, and fans are satisfied with what they saw. As you can imagine, however, some are using this as an opportunity to sell tickets, and that's exactly what Jake Paul did on Twitter.

Tyson Fury

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Paul is supposed to fight Tyson's brother Tommy soon, although now, Paul is shifting his focus to the heavyweight champ himself. "I think Tyson Fury might have finally earned the chance to fight me," Paul wrote. Realistically, this was probably said in jest, although if you're Paul, you don't want to be entertaining these kinds of fights. If Paul were to get in the ring with Tyson Fury, it would end very very badly.

For now, Paul would be better off taking fights against less experienced boxers, who probably won't kill him with one punch. As for Tyson Fury, unifying the heavyweight division is what's at the top of his mind right now.