Leave it to Jaden Smith to pack so much mystery into a simple message.

Saturday (September 15th) the MSFTS honcho decided to announce that he'd be dropping a "tape," and left fans with nothing more and nothing less. 

Back in July, Jaden dropped off SYRE: The Electric Album, premiering it via Instagram TV as a follow up to 2017's SYRE. In the midst of all those releases, he's also been teasing the arrival of his next album ERYS, slated to arrive sometime at the end of this year or at the beginning of the next. Jaden's particular use of the word "tape," however leads us to the assumption that this next drop may very well just be a preview leading up to the debut of ERYS.

Currently, Jaden's latest "GHOST" track is the lead single for the forthcoming ERYS, a project that he revealed pulled some inspiration from none other than Jay-Z.

"I decided to talk to Hov and he told me he thought the album was cool and he said as I got older I would space out my verses more and I’d say more with less," he told FADER when speaking on the time that Hov took an advanced listen to SYRE prior to its release.

He went on to note that Hov's words have helped to shape the outline of ERYS, adding, "That’s the total inspiration behind my next album."