The Smiths' home videos are unique considering how each family member has a distinct personality. The latest features Jaden Smith most prominently. Jade Pinkett uploaded clips of her son entertaining the crew with magic tricks during the holidays.

He introduces his spectacle in a monotone voice: "Welcome to Christmas with Jaden. I'm here to show everybody how to do magic." Throughout the clip, the camera person, who seems to be Willow Smith, can be heard chuckling at the rapper's antics. Her laughter is warranted considering the absurd style of his little show. His tricks revolve mostly around his ability to wave his Christmas hat around. He harnesses the power of gravity and wows his audience, sort of.

The clip ends with Jaden pronouncing himself as a "hat manufacturer," a claim that Will Smith dismisses by simply stating, "you're not." Of course, Jaden blows him away by materializing a completely different hat from the inside of the original one. Viewers can hear Will yelling in awe before the clip cuts off.

Although Will isn't really one to get excited about holiday traditions, the entertainer definitely indulged his wife's wishes based on his outfit. Peep Jaden's wonderous tricks and Will's blessedly corny swag below.