Both Kevin Abstract and Jaden Smith had impressive years, with the former leading Brockhampton to a string of three successful Saturation projects and the latter cementing his own "Icon" status in the music and fashion worlds. Both tend to play by their own rules and are essential non-conformists, choosing to stick out and consistently let their creative juices guide their decisions. While both parties regularly pop up on the other's social media pages, it appears as though a collaboration could essentially be in the beginning stages.

This news will be intriguing for fans of either Jaden or Brockhampton as each side's music has shown an ability to transcend genre to truly be an authentic representation of themselves and their art. Jaden Smith and his sister Willow have been pioneers in accurately representing their true selves throughout their careers. A collaboration with Brockhampton or solely Kevin Abstract offers endless possibilities as there are no creative bounds for either of them as shown in either Syre or the Saturation trilogy. 

A collaborative effort between the two of them could pop up sometime in the future if their tweets are to be trusted. Are you excited about a potential pairing of Kevin Abstract and Jaden Smith? Check out their tweets below and let us know.