Jada Pinkett Smith shared a clip of her latest Red Table Talk interview last week that showed guest star, Lisa Van Allen, who was a victim of R. Kelly's sexual abuse. The clip showed some tearful moments between the crew and now that the full episode is here, we see that Jada has explained just why she was (and still is) so protective when it comes to her daughter, Willow

At one point, 18-year-old Willow even explained how she remembers her mom being protective and how she didn't know why. "My mom was super protective [and] she is still super overprotective. When I was younger it was such a mystery to me, like 'what is the big bad?'"

Jada added: "There have been so many times I've had to have very real conversations with Willow in regards to 'I don't care if you look at this person as like your older brother and you trust them, you're not to be alone with them anywhere.'"

Jada even explained how she thought the same way about her strict mother. 

Watch the full, and sometimes very emotional, clip below.