It was only one month ago that Dreezy declared she was single with one tweet that stated her relationship status. There was no word on why she and Jacquees ended things but it's all in the past now since a new video shows Dreezy entering her apartment that's filled with endless rose pedals by yours truly. As seen in the clip below, the pedals are literally everywhere leaving a big smile on Dreezy's face.  

Dreezy previously opened up about Jacquees and how he can be taken as a joke due to his social media ways, but underneath all of that is someone is real. 

"When I met him, I’m like, ‘Oh, you a real person. Like, you got a mama, you got bills, you running a whole business,' This shit not easy," she explained. "I know firsthand ’cause I’m an artist. To kinda step around his world and his career and see how he handle it, I got nothing but respect for it.”

Dreezy and Jacquees showcased their romance on-screen when Dreezy starred in his "Who's" video from earlier in the summer - check it out below.