Jacquees has two new projects in the pipeline: his proper debut LP 4275 and an as-of-yet-untitled joint album with Chris Brown. The singer discussed both albums in a recent conversation with Rap-Up, sharing some details of what we can expect from each. 

According to Jacquees, the Chris Brown project will be focused on one genre and one genre only. “We wanted to make R&B," he said, referencing Chris' upcoming collab with Joyner Lucas which will find him primarily rapping. "Chris got other projects that he’s working on now where he’s doing a lot of rapping and giving you all types of flavor, but on this one, he really wanted to sing and go at it. He was like, ‘We’re gonna kill ’em with this R&B.”

Neither project has a release date yet, but last we heard, 4275 was complete, and from the sounds of it, Jacquees is happy with the outcome, going as far as to call it a "classic," a term he decided to describe a little more clearly. "The music is timeless. It’s classic. It feels good," he said. You can play it in the morning, middle of the day, or night for the rest of your life. I’m very confident. If this was my last work, I would stand on it.”

You can expect the next single to be the Trey Songz-assisted "Inside," and a collaboration with Young Thug called "Studio," though the two have many songs together in the stash as well.

Watch the interview above.