J. Cole & KOD's ascent to the top is rubbing a few people the wrong way. When it passed Drake's Views for an overall streaming record, the two entered a playful exchange via text message. The interaction exposed a modicum of bitterness on the part of Drake, who feels somewhat entitled to sole ownership after years of campaigning at the top. Surely, KOD's success directly coincides with increased usership patterns on streaming services, but it also speaks to public perception. KOD is not only well regarded by Cole's peers as a return to grace, but as of yesterday, has achieved Gold status according to the RIAA.

KOD isn't J. Cole's first entry into the Gold club, by any stretch. It is however the shortest period of elapsed time between release and certification, a mere 24 days. His previous album 4 Your Eyez Only, earned the distinction in 33 days, Forest Hills Drive in 44 days, Born Sinner in 57 days, and Cole World: The Sideline Story in 73 days, all of which went to receive Platinum plaques and counting. 

The RIAA has filed 11 total J. Cole song and album entries into its backlog, 1 Gold and 10 Platinum. KOD is thereby headed in the same direction; Not too shabby for a rapper coming off the heels of an indefinite hiatus. KOD is also the rare album in today's saturated scene with zero flyers, or cameo appearance. One can assume he is living up to the Messianic title he never asked to be born out of.