Issa Rae was in Cannes this past week where she took a moment to speak on a panel about the media's portrayal of Black people and how the impact will result in years of negativity. The Insecure creator took a moment to speak on Black women specifically and the burden that women like her face.

"For black women, I tend to find it harmful that we have all the burden on our shoulders, to uphold this specific image. You see them as the strong, flawless, fierce type of woman," she said. "And even on a great day, I am never those things."

Clearly, Issa has streamed Beyonce and Jay-Z's surprise album and it's safe to say she's a fan. "Even hearing that Jay-Z verse being thankful to Beyonce and all the black women in his life for putting up with his bullshit," she explained. "And that’s kind of [the idea of] what black women are currently, [that] they’re going to be there when you need them. And that’s absolutely not the case, for sure with anyone I know."

Issa's HBO series Insecure without a doubt touches on such topics, as it shows the triumphs and struggles of her self-titled character trying to maneuver her way through relationships, friendships, dating, working and life overall while having certain expectations put on her for being Black. 

Season three of the show premieres on August 12th.