These days, Iggy Azalea is making the majority of her moves by way of her body. Releasing two brand new songs a few weeks ago, one of the two, "Kream" focuses mainly on two things that Iggy definitely has: cash and ass. If there's one thing that even her haters can agree on it's that Iggy knows how to work her behind. She's been doing it for years and she doesn't seem to have any plans on stopping. As she continues to pick up steam on the way to her Survive The Summer drop, "Kream" has been a standout single thus far. For the last few days, Iggy has kept everybody speaking about her twerking skills and, in order to keep the streak going, she just had to put on another twerk sesh during her performance last night.

Rapping a live rendition of "Kream" with T-Raw, the Aussie artist got down at UCLA, getting pretty sensual on the hardwood floor at a charity event. The Blast captured video footage of the rapper's performance and although she wasn't wearing see-through pants like earlier in the week, Azalea still came through with the moves.

At this point, she needs to be considered among the premier twerkers in the game and with so many Instagram models trying to mimic her, Iggy will always be at the top of the twerk totem pole. The major question is... where will she be shaking her booty tomorrow? Is this how she's surviving the summer? Check out some performance clips, courtesy of @hayden_kaplan on Instagram.