Miss Iggy Azalea paid a visit to Power 106’s The Cruz Show earlier this week to discuss all things surrounding her upcoming 6-track EP Survive the Summer as well as her single "Kream" with Tyga. Aside from her usual album promotion, the Australian rapper was gifted with a memorable surprise when one of her biggest inspirations called her up for a quick chat. 

In the video below (at the 2:05 mark) Iggy receives a call from someone who at first she can't recognize who it is. After a few seconds, she guesses Missy Elliott and when she's correct she screams into the mic, overjoyed with happiness. “I’m like literally dying right now,” she told Missy. “I love you, you’re my hero.”

She then explained how Missy influenced so much of her career, and Missy said she couldn't miss the opportunity to shout out Iggy and say hello. "Just keep doing your thing. Congratulations on all your success!," Missy added.

“There’s only two people that are alive that I would fangirl over,” she said, referring to Missy and André 3000.  “I spent my entire childhood watching her videos, like just wanting to make music videos that could be anywhere near as good as hers. I know that mine aren’t, by the way, because she’s the ultimate GOAT of all-time music videos. She’s just the original girl that doesn’t fit the mold and she’s cool.”