Iggy Azalea's been busy dropping all kinds of twerking videos and more recently her latest mixtape making it hard to believe that she has time for anyone. According to some new evidence found on Instagram, it seems as though she's got all kinds of time that we didn't know about after Texas wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins has called himself Iggy's boyfriend. 

An Iggy fan page on Twitter found some comments that sees DeAndre responding to the question of a fan, confirming that he and Iggy are together. There's another screenshot of a comment Iggy left on a photo calling DeAndre her "man."

The (very) possible relationship comes about two years after Iggy and Nick Young ended things since he cheated on her and got another woman pregnant. The rumour mill tried to say Iggy was dating Tyga and Odell Beckham Jr. but Iggy was quick to shut those fake news headlines down.