Iggy Azalea and Playboi Carti are still going strong as they've been spotted jetting off together and supporting each other's performances. Playboi was a headlining act at Australia's Rolling Loud Festival this past weekend and according to Daily Mail, Iggy was backstage cheering her beau on in her home country.

The couple was spotted at Sydney's airport on Monday, seemingly heading back to Los Angeles to get back to their regular routine. 

When Iggy and Playboi first started dated people had all kinds of things to say considering their five year age gap, but Iggy shut it all down quickly. 

"Is that unusual to you? Because almost everyone I know isn't the exact age as the person they date," she wrote on Twitter. "You all act like he's some little kid that just left school or I'm some old ass woman. We are both in our twenties, get off my nuts."

When discussing the trolling efforts of people claiming she's with Playboi for money, Iggy said this: "I'm 100% sure I know what we both have; I've been in the game longer although it's not about that at all...but please don't ever try to play me when it comes to my bag cuz one thing I DONT need is a man for money."