Hopsin was arrested in Australia Sunday night and may be banned from the country, which is home to one of his biggest fan bases. He shared the news in an emotional Instagram post. "Just got out of FUCKin jail... over some total bullshit," he wrote. They're really bout to ban me from Australia now... this shit fuckin sucks man. I hesitate to post whats really goin down in my life, so I hide it with my cool pictures. Shit ain't really that pretty over here at all."

According to Music Feeds, officers arrested a 31-year-old man at a Sydney hotel Sunday night on assault charges and took him to the police station before releasing him on bail. They declined to confirm the man's identity.

Hopsin expressed suicidal thoughts and loneliness in the Instagram post. "I can’t see myself ever doing it, but I actually wanna literally die. Like literally," he wrote. "What would make a 31 year old man cry on a daily basis? Being rich as hell, successful with no love around him. that's a first class ticket on air robin Williams."

"I ain't goin nowhere tho," he concluded. "I might have to disappear soon and take some time to myself."