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5 Songs From Future’s “DS2” Earn New RIAA Gold & Platinum Certifications

User: T-Raww I'm steppin out!

This comment made me laugh out loud, for some reason, just because of that typo. Nonetheless it's 100% true, and I still have DS2 in "rotarion" as well.

Here's Every J. Cole Release To Go Gold Or Platinum

User: Only Real HipHop Can Last

This one steps things up from lol-worthy to lmao-worthy. Not sure if bro is aware of how certifications work. It's just a weird statement to make, "IMO," as someone pointed out in reply as well (below).

User: Lxther

Okay so what happened here was, initially we titled this piece Every J. Cole Release To Go Gold Or Platinum-- but then ol' Lxther here was so bold as to claim that our title was misleading. I'm not stranger to the internet-- I've actually been on the internet once or twice in my life, and yes, there's thing going on called click-bait, which often involves misleading titles. However, this was just not one such case. It was literally a list of every release from J. Cole that went gold or platinum. That being said, our title seemed extremely straightforward and direct, the opposite of misleading, at least, to us. In the end, it was all semantics, as Rick Sanchez hopped in to clarify where the misunderstanding was coming from. Why in the world would we be claiming every single release from J. Cole, ever, is going to go gold OR platinum??? 

WizKid - Hush Up The Silence Feat. Drake

User: skr skr トラップ

This is the photo in question everyone was hating on. No matter how sus it is, this is probably true.

Young Thug "Wyclef Jean" Video

User: louis

"Breathtaking" is a hilarious way to describe Thugger, as is "unpredictable legend" -- these are somehow accurate yet hyperbolic descriptions of Young Thug. It makes no sense, but it does. That about sums up Thug. 

Jimmy Kimmel Congratulates Migos For Smoking His Studio Out

User: GettingOutOurDreams

This one is here for the sake of debate.

21 Savage Criticized For "Rapey" Tweet

User: HNHH with the L

We will hand that L right back to you this time, sir.

5 Underrated Takeoff Verses

User: Coolkid85

Thinking face emojis all around.

Tory Lanez Says Lil Wayne Will Go Down As Best Rapper Of His Era

User: Deathstroke

Alright, this particular comment is actually more about the replies than the comment itself. Lol @ Kobe for guessing his age, and Lol @ Kyle Korver With The Shot for calling out the questionable (my biased opinion) inclusion of Rick Ross (Future's OK though).

J. Cole - High For Hours


These feel like conflicting statements. I'm not sure how to take this comment. Boring, typically, is not a good thing. 

Young Legend Named Connor Starts A Fire & Rips Apart A Fox News Reporter

User: Uncle Drew with the shits


Footage Of Unbelievably Huge Florida Alligator Goes Viral

User: rubiks cube

Another for-some-reason-it's-hilarious comment (but also I agree, hell nah, to the nah nah nah), but also, for some reason the fact that his user profile is "rubiks cube" is equally funny. Sometimes funny shit just can't be explained.