He helped helm the Watch The Throne mega-hit "N*ggas in Paris," but Hit-Boy's relationship with Kanye West hasn't been as successful as the single. The pair were once close associates, personally and professionally, but earlier this week, Hit-Boy shared on Instagram that he kicked Kanye to the curb after a conversation her had with the rapper years ago. According to the producer, West told him that he "stopped picking my beats because I worked with Beyonce."


In a sit down with GQ, Hit-Boy explained why he decided to publicly share the information about his division with Ye. "Obviously he always goes on these sporadic rants, but some of that stuff was resonating with me," said the producer. "A lot of people on Twitter were like, 'Why even throw the Beyonce sh*t in there?' I'm going to tell you why. He on Twitter preaching, 'I love all my brothers and we need to stick together and all this sh*t.' But I feel like [Kanye] put me in a position where I was battling the 'system' and I was battling with my brothers. Because it would be different if Kanye was like, 'Your sh*t wack now, I'm not using you.' But n*gga, you telling me because you saw me working with somebody else that you're not going to pick my beats?"

Hit-Boy added that while he was with GOOD Music, he worked with plenty of other artists aside from Beyoncé, but it didn't seem to be a problem. He added that he didn't know why Bey seemed to be a trigger for West. "I worked with so many artists and I never heard anything until I locked in with her," said Hit-Boy. "So that just kind of rubbed me the wrong way. And I had to bury those emotions for years. The way he was speaking just sparked me to tell my side. This is how I feel. Like I'm fighting, to me, two oppressors: Corporations and somebody that is supposed to be a true mentor to somebody like me."