One of the most promising young talents in rap today is currently sitting in a jail cell. In April, Kodak Black was caught by cops in a high-speed chase and was charged with possession of drugs and a weapon. He was able to make bail but was arrested on outstanding warrants about a month later, and he's been locked up ever since. While in jail, he's put out one of the year's hottest tapesLil B.I.G. Pac, and he recently shared the music video to one of its best tracks, "Can I." Kodak's absence is certainly lamentable, especially considering how much he had blown up right before his latest arrest. But it's almost guaranteed that the 19-year-old Pompano Beach native will have some special music ready to go upon his release. 

In a new clip of a live call with Kodak from his cell, one can hear the incarcerated rapper deliver what sounds like his next big hit. The recording is proof of his songwriting skills, as Kodak sings a poignantly melancholic rendition of a song that doesn't explicitly refer to his current predicament but instead encapsulates it with remarkable relatability. See some particularly poetic lyrics from the song below. 

"I'm goin' down the yellow brick road / But I don't even know where I'm headed / Lately I've been turnin' cold / Every day I'm tryna stay 10 toes down / I'm jus tryna stay afloat / In that water, tryin' not to drown."

Last month, it was reported that Kodak was given a sentence of a remaining 120 days in jail. His records had indicated a release date of Nov. 30 of this year, though he is still facing potential charges of sexual battery in South Carolina, so much is still up in the air regarding the outlook of his eventual freedom.